Treecreepers can be very annoying when you want to get their photo. They have a nasty habit of creeping around to the far side of a tree … and not reappearing. They also tend to be quite far away. So my treecreeper photos to date have been hastily taken from a distance and even the best has a twig or two helping to obscure the view.

Good enough for identification purposes, but mostly not worthy of display. So imagine my delight when one dropped down on a tree stump just a few yards in front of the hide at Morton Lochs. It was still hastily taken, but I managed three shots before it flew away – and two of them were even good enough to show you …

Note the tree-creeping claws …

For the record, this was my previous best attempt, complete with twigs getting in the way, taken a couple of years ago at Newtonmore. Hopefully, I won’t have to wait quite so long to get another close encounter of the tree creepy kind.

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