There’s no picture like snow picture like no picture I know … (sounds like…)

Snow is a great opportunity for photographs. Yes, it helps if it has stopped falling first, so that you don’t need to keep wiping the snowflakes off your lens. And that heavy overcast sky is a bit of a pain. But when the skies clear and snow is still there, make the most of it. Especially when a good snow is no longer as common as it used to be. Yes, I know, it’s not as good as the snow in 2010, but let’s make the most of it …

St Monans, West Shore in the snow
Not often West Shore is so devoid of cars

Sometimes the scene can look like a black and white photo. Or a spot colour effect … I haven’t selected just the blue bits in this one …

St Monans view from the West End
The sun tries to break through


West Shore from the West
Classic East Neuk steps covered in classic East Neuk snow


Creels in the snow, west pier, St Monans
Creels in the snow


A view from Braehead
A view from Braehead

Here’s a panoramic shot of the Plerick. I’ve also taken the liberty of compressing it horizontally by 60%. Because … just because …

Plerick Panorama
Plerick Panorama


East Shore from the Pend
East Shore from the Pend

The Auld Kirk is always picturesque, but especially so with a bit of snow …

Auld Kirk in the snow
Kirk in the snow

And this photo would look better with a train crossing the bridge … but who knows, maybe one day they will again?

the old rail brig
the old rail brig


And reprising the quasi-musical theme that this post began with, here’s a “Snow Boat” … (sounds like…)

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