Taking a closer look (1)

Taking a closer look (1)

Modern cameras are pretty amazing. My Lumix FZ72 (not the most expensive of cameras) can take hand-held telephoto shots at 24x magnification thanks to its image stabilisation – great for bird photos; it can also take ultra wide angle shots equivalent to a 20mm lens on a 35mm camera; full HD video with dolby stereo; and close-ups just 1cm from an object.

The only problem is that the camera is so close that the object is in its shadow. But with an extra macro lens attachment, that problem can be sorted while giving even greater magnification – the sort you would normally need a microscope to achieve. Here are some examples:

A small flower …

A fly …

and some sand …

By the way, that’s coral sand from a beach at Claigan, north of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.

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