Can seals smile? This one certainly looks happy …

But maybe that’s just the result of anthropomorphism. And the big flatfish that’s in its mouth …

The seal was back in St Monans harbour this weekend. I say “the seal” because I suspect it is the same one, revisiting what turned out to be a rather good place for an extended lunch when it swam in a couple of weeks ago. After all, why should humans be the only ones to want to repeat their St Monans good food experiences?

The fish is probably a flounder rather than a plaice. Apparently, they can look similar, but you can tell the difference because “plaice have around seven bony bumps running across the back of the head, from the eyes to the gill cover which are absent on flounder”. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check this detail the seal.

So, although the camera had a good view of the seal’s catch, it’s difficult to be certain that it wasn’t a plaice. Or even a plounder. Yes, it is a thing. They are plaice/flounder hybrids, and are sometimes found in the UK.

Which is great, because I like it when a blog post is a learning experience. And you never know – plounder may be a really useful word when you next play Scrabble. As well as a seal happy meal.

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