When abroad, I take my fair share of holiday snaps. Fear not, I am not about to publish them all here. But when walking around camera in hand, I can’t help seeing interesting views that leap out as opportunities for what might be called more artistic compositions.

I’ve been a bit slow sorting through my foreign photos – the ones closer to home attract the most interest in exhibitions, and therefore get priority attention – but I’m currently catching up on my backlog, so thought I’d post a few of the more striking ones as I go, starting with Cadiz.

First, the harbour at dawn … (confession: I didn’t get up specially to take the photos – we were catching a very early train from the station next to the harbour)

And then the other end of the day, at the other end of Cadiz …

Of course, I wasn’t the only one capturing such a magnificent sunset … it was busier than the St Monans Blocks …

I got the impression that such sunsets were a fairly reliable phenomenon. Enough to attract the modern breed of location wedding photographer anyway …

And Cadiz is also a good place to get a few photos of feral but fairly tame Myiopsitta monachus – monk parakeets. aka Quaker parrots, which have established a colony there, a few thousand miles from their native Argentina.

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