Some folk hate insects. I can understand that. I never used to be very keen on wasps, and there are a few creepy crawlies that I don’t like seeing in the house. But in the right place (i.e. mostly not my place), they can be incredibly beautiful creatures, and we really couldn’t live without them. We need them to pollinate our crops, and some of them do a good job of keeping other pests at bay, or tidying the crap that we and other animals leave around. Literally.

As a photographer, I find them a challenge. They are small and fast moving, and even when they settle on a bush, it’s hard to get a good shot when the wind is moving everything to and fro. And there’s always the chance one of the buggers will sting you. I’m not quite so anti-wasp anymore, but you won’t find me asking them to say cheese when they get into their foul end-of-season short-fuse mood.

Preamble over. Here is a selection of hexapedal pics. starting with a dragonfly I saw today.

Also today, a flower that was very popular with hoverflies …

And earlier in the day, we took a trip to a butterfly house …

Not what you expected?

OK, a few more …

OK, enough with the butterflies, let’s see some other insects. In the next post.

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