Terns are so agile and elegant in the air, twisting and turning (pun inevitable but I’m not proud of it).

The best photos are probably also the ones that are most difficult – when they fly around you and even attack you because you are close to their nesting ground. On the Isle of May, you have to walk between their nests after landing on the island. A good hat is recommended as protection against pecking.

These photos were taken on Westray. We had driven past the nests, which were by the roadside. Parking further on and going on to the beach, we were quite far from their nests, but they weren’t taking any chances.

By the way, the reason the last one is cropped so heavily is not just to make it as large as possible on your screen. When they move so fast, it’s difficult to get them centred in the photograph. This one was right at the edge – the top of the photo has not been cropped at all. 🙂

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