The other auk

I’ve previously posted photos of the three commonest auks in our waters – puffins, razorbills and guillemots. There is another – the black guillemot. This one was spotted sitting on a rock in Orkney. Or should that be Auk-ney? According to the RSPB, the numbers of breeding pairs of auks in UK waters are: 950,000 […]

Alca torda

Having featured puffins and guillemots, it would be churlish not to complete the trio of auks that nest¬†on the Isle of May. So here’s a ¬†razorbill … (insert suitable anthropomorphic adjective to describe its expression)

A is for auk

First post. The auks are a family of “medium-sized seabirds with long, barrel-shaped bodies, short tails, very small wings and short legs set far back on the body. Most can hardly walk, but stand upright on cliff ledges where they come to breed each spring.” So says the RSPB, They are also really cute. I’ll […]