Easter Parade

Easter Parade #1 Easter is approaching and the shops are full of eggs and endearingly fluffy yellow chicks. Of course, all young animals have that sort of baby creature appeal, but it’s especially so for young birds. I mean, how could anyone resist this cute little shag … ?   Easter Parade #2 … another […]

Vole watching

There weren’t a lot of wildfowl within photo range of the hides at Morton Lochs on Saturday. But the hide facing into the forest was as ever a reliable alternative for bird and mammal watching. The squirrels raid the squirrel feeders on a fairly regular basis – if you are prepared to wait ten or […]

Not a sparrow

I don’t know how many times I have seen a dunnock and thought it was a sparrow. They do look quite like sparrows – hence their common name, the hedge sparrow. But they are not sparrows. and not even close relatives. They are accentors, probably closer to thrushes and warblers than sparrows. It was only […]

Happy Seal …

Can seals smile? This one certainly looks happy … But maybe that’s just the result of anthropomorphism. And the big flatfish that’s in its mouth … The seal was back in St Monans harbour this weekend. I say “the seal” because I suspect it is the same one, revisiting what turned out to be a […]

Taking a closer look (1)

Modern cameras are pretty amazing. My Lumix FZ72 (not the most expensive of cameras) can take hand-held telephoto shots at 24x magnification thanks to its image stabilisation – great for bird photos; it can also take ultra wide angle shots equivalent to a 20mm lens on a 35mm camera; full HD video with dolby stereo; […]

Blackbirds are not all black

That’s just the adult males. Females are speckled and brown, and juveniles are reddish brown. This young blackbird, which has been hanging around the West End for the last few days, is very tame … When I say very tame, I mean that it lets you get really close … And when I say close, […]

The other auk

I’ve previously posted photos of the three commonest auks in our waters – puffins, razorbills and guillemots. There is another – the black guillemot. This one was spotted sitting on a rock in Orkney. Or should that be Auk-ney? According to the RSPB, the numbers of breeding pairs of auks in UK waters are: 950,000 […]

Tern, Tern, Tern

Terns are so agile and elegant in the air, twisting and turning (pun inevitable but I’m not proud of it). The best photos are probably also the ones that are most difficult – when they fly around you and even attack you because you are close to their nesting ground. On the Isle of May, […]